Real Estate Expert in Houston, Sugarland, Katy area

2% Commission -100% Satisfaction


Limited Time Offer:

Sell your home and pay as low as 2% Commission.

Let me explain how this works and what services you will get when you hire me as your Real Estate Agent.

  • Your house will be on all the major web sites, and search engines, such as:
  1. HAR.COM
  7. YAHOO
  8. BING

Value Added Services

  • I will place a Yard Sign in front of your house.
  • Supra Key Lock- This will assure that only Licensed Real Estate Agents can come to your house with their clients.
  • Centralize Showing Services- This company will make all the showing appointments for your house. They will call or text you with the Realtor’s information and the time they will be arriving at your house.  This company also assures that they will only give access to the Licensed Real Estate Agents.
  • I will give you my direct cell phone number and personal email address.  Call me or email me ANYTIME with your questions or concerns.  I am very prompt, and I will respond back to you right away!

How it works

At the time of closing seller usually pays 3% commission to Sellers Agent and 3% commission to Buyers Agent, in all total of 6% commission.

Here is how you will save money when you hire me as your Real Estate Agent:

At the time of closing you will only pay me 2% commission and 3% to the Buyers Agent, in all total of 5%You just saved your self 1% commission!!!  And that extra savings you can use towards a bigger down payment or buy new furniture, TV, or new appliances for the next house you will buy.

Intermediary Agency- Where I find the buyer for your house on my own.  In this case, the seller of the house will only pay me in all total of 3% commission at the time of closing.  You just saved your self 3% commission!!!

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t let the other agents talk you into paying them high commission rates.
  • Don’t let the other agents take advantage of your feelings and emotions attached to your home sweet home.
  • Other agents will tell you things like, “discount commission means discount service” or “you pay for what you get”

Well I am here to prove all those things wrong, so please dear home owners, don’t let the high charging commission realtors take advantage of you.

I am offering you a discount commission with a full service package.  I will understand all your needs and will treat your home like it’s my own home.  You will be in good hands when I represent you.  I pledge to you my services with experience, professionalism, and 100% honesty.

I hope I have explained enough information to you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will be looking forward to working with you as your Real Estate Agent!!